Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate Ville - Bangkok (Day 1)

We went to Bangkok in April 2012 just before Songkran festival to celebrate my dear’s birthday. The whole trip was amazing (no doubt some part temper flared, actually me against myself and over spilled a “bit” to my dear) due to the heat.
Print out this map or the one below. Hand it to the taxi driver and good luck! Seriously, the entire journey I was extremely clueless where we were heading except for my dear (he’s genius when comes to direction and map!!)

Chocolate Ville opened its door to tourist in December 2011. Since then, the crowd was madness. It seems like it’s very popular among the local that you can hardly see any tourist maybe due to the hidden location (northern Bangkok). Its about 30-40 minutes drive from Silom. Besides, there are only a handful or practically none of the staffs that were able to converse in English. Everyone speaks to us in Thai  …Ok…..
Hello Chocolate Ville

Don’t forget your camera or you will feel suicidal the entire day. When I stepped into Chocolate Ville, I was like a little girl in candy store. Not sure where to start taking picture. The entire place was so Lovely and “English” or maybe looks like in the movie “House of Wax”. Kidding! Kidding….



Wait for your turn ok?


6 beautiful


Ain’t no words can describe how I felt at that very moment. I want to eat here! I want to eat like them! I want to watch sunset, drink beer, eat ribs and enjoy the dinner HERE!

At first, we thought there were many individual restaurants serving in different area, maybe like along the beautiful river, under the arch and etc. Only later we did found out that actually it’s under ONE restaurant.
Our conversation with the waitress:-
Dear: May I know where to make reservation for dinner?
Waitress: ………………….. *stared at us blankly and ran to look for another person*
** Few minutes later
Waitress 2: * Guide us to the reservation place*

Waiting area
Waiting area

OMG!!!! The have an entire building just for making table reservation for dinner. My dear walked up to the reception and took a number (43!) and yes, the crowd were waiting for table, just like us. The staffs hardly speaks English and we did navigate through. Once your table is ready, they will announce with a MIC in Thai.  . After half an hour of mingling around, we walked back to the reservation center and heard “see sip sam”…”see sip sam”..repeatedly called. Eh…I think that could be our number. Yes, it was indeed.

Suncet. Do come around 5pm or else you will miss it

My artistic shot *pat on the shoulder*

11 13
 All the small lovely details

Happy random family

18 17
You can actually go up to the tower. Just queue.. but only allowed before certain time




Our table facing the river



The tender ribs. We were very surprised even with this massive crowd, the quality was still good. You will notice that almost all the table order this ribs. We order half serving. I forgotten the price but it’s somewhere around 350 to 450baht. Must try!


The pork knuckle was also surprisingly yummy. It was served with Thai slaw and sticky rice. The skin was crunchy while the meat remain juicy. I don’t know how to describe la. I can’t never be a blogger…. We two had difficulty finishing three plates of main course (duhh!!!) due to very generous portion and greed. Hehe.


The final dish was classic fish and chips. It tasted better than it looks. The batter was crispy (salivating while thinking bout it) and the fish meat was nicely cooked. Not flakey nor dry. One word. Delicious!! The entire bill come out to about 1300baht (RM130). Reasonable right for the portion and taste..





Add caption




Towards the end of the meal, we saw a few times of lightning and the staffs were busy setting up umbrellas. Going back to our hotel around 8.00pm (local time) was quite difficult. Many taxis refused to travel that far. So for those who plan to visit Chocolate Ville, try to negotiate with your ride whether to wait for you or vice versa.
Taxi to Chocolate Ville: 300baht
Dinner: 1300baht
Taxi back to hotel: 380baht
Total spent: 1980baht..Well I would say it’s is definitely worth it :D

Opening hours: Mon – Sun (4.00pm to 12am)
Phone: 00 66 8 3077 3738
GPS : N13 48.621 E100 39.830


  1. Hi Vivian, may I know where did you stay, so difficult to find taxi bring you back.
    I plan fly to Bangkok this Christmas, and will stay at Arnoma hotel near pratunam. Hope I can go to chocolate ville also.

  2. Hi there Annie,

    I stayed in Take a nap, Silom. Yup, it wasnt easy to get a ride back. My friend actually went this year. According to him, now Chocolote ville able to arrange transport for you to go and back. U also can make online reservation for a table during dinner. Maybe you can check out their website or Facebook. Hope this help :D

  3. Hi May i know how to make reservation for the table?

  4. Hi hi, just go to their Facebook page (as stated above) and make reservation from there. You will see how other people book. Just go with the flow. Good Luck

  5. Hi, what about the language? You said that they speak no English. What about now?


  6. Hello hello, many things will improve and change within 2 years time. I believe they will definitively improve on that area. Don't worry, you will have a great time there. Enjoy your holiday!

  7. The Chocolate ville has a great sound to me:) A very touristy area:)